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Suspension, Shocks & Struts

Your car's suspension and steering system allows your wheels to move independently of the car, while keeping it "suspended" and stable. Any play or uncontrolled motion in these systems results in handling deterioration and accelerated tire wear.

If you suspect problems with your steering, it’s best to have an inspection done immediately on your vehicle’s suspension in Cambridge!

Importance of Alignment

The suspension and steering system is concerned with your car’s alignment which starts to change over the course of time.

Why is alignment important? A proper alignment helps to optimize fuel efficiency and maximizes your tire’s life, which contributes to your car’s suspension.

When a car pulls or drifts violently, you’ll feel it while driving. For one, your tires may not be aligned properly with the road and you’ll be skidding as a result. Your tires may also not be pointing in the same direction as well, causing irregular movements.

This will put an unnecessary burden onto your vehicle as a whole. It can also damage or deteriorate your car’s shocks or struts that can compromise the safety of your vehicle. To address these problems, inspect the steering system and suspension in Cambridge.

Causes of poor alignment include:

* Driving roughly on the roads

* Driving on rougher roads

* Driving over speed bumps without slowing down

* Hitting potholes

* Hitting curbs

… and more.

Suspension problems

Poor alignment and damaged shocks can lead to more serious problems with your suspension system. Some notable problems include:

* Unsteady traction while performing turns

* Difficulty steering

* A side to side motion

* Physical bouncing and shaking

* Feeling every bump on the road

* One corner of your vehicle sits low

… and much more

If any of this sounds familiar, come see our trained specialists at Xtreme Auto Repair for maintenance on your suspension in Cambridge. We will take a look at your vehicle and make sure to:

* Follow industry inspection procedures

* Provide a diagnostic and estimate

* Offer a detailed description of your options

* Give you an affordable quality service / part replacement

Don’t compromise on your car’s safety. Alignment, suspension and shocks and struts all contribute to your car’s efficiency and safety on the road. Need to have some work done on your suspension in Cambridge? Come into Xtreme Auto Repair today!

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