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Your car’s exhaust system is responsible for removing toxic and noxious components by dispelling it out of your car. How effectively it is able to do this is crucial as it correlates to your car’s performance.

A car with a poor exhaust system will keep these corrosive materials inside the car which will wear at the internal systems of your car over time.

Think of it like your car’s waste removal system -- in order to keep working, the fuel needs to run cleanly through the system. Without this, your car will begin to rust and its performance can be affected.

If you’re looking for exhaust services in Cambridge and around Kitchener and the surrounding areas, Xtreme Auto Repair is your ideal one stop shop exhaust services provider.

What we offer

  • Diagnostics on your exhaust system and performance
  • A choice of the top exhaust brands in the market
  • Muffler services (including flow pro, the best on the market!)

More About Flow Pro

Flow pro mufflers are designed to accelerate exhaust more effectively, while suppressing noisy sounds that come from the engine. They help your engine remove waste at a faster rate and best of all your car will produce a clear and powerful sound.

The output of your car’s exhaust system will depend a great deal on the expertise of your technician. Xtreme Auto Repair offers extensive knowledge in the area of exhaust system services in Cambridge, Kitchener and the surrounding areas.

Attention, experience and customer satisfaction is what we value the most. Come into Xtreme Auto Repair for exhaust system services in Cambridge, today!

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