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Engine Tune Ups

Xtreme Auto Repair, your trusted professionals for affordable engine tune ups in Cambridge.

Engine tune ups are an important maintenance initiative to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. Having this routinely done on your vehicle will ensure that your engine is working seamlessly with the rest of your car’s powertrain system.

Think of it like this: if other parts of your car are worn or aren’t functioning to the level they should be, your engine is taking the brunt of it to keep your car moving. Sometimes this means you won’t even know something is wrong with other areas of your car until your engine starts to wear!

A regular engine tune up in Cambridge will add a layer of protection, ensure that your car is a normal operating state and even help you catch problems earlier on.

Other benefits

Other benefits include the following:

  • It makes your car more efficient on gas
  • It protects your engine from wear and tear
  • It increases engine performance
  • It ensures that your car’s functions and handles are working optimally
  • It produces less emissions that contribute to the environment

What We offer

There are many areas involved in performing an engine tune up in Cambridge. Xtreme Auto Repair is proud to offer a thorough and affordable service for your car.

We make sure to check the following to make sure your engine is running to the level it should be:

❏     Spark plug inspections -- checking these on a regular basis will help prevent them from seizing inside the engine. Replacements vary on the type of spark plugs and vehicle types. This is generally outlined in the car’s owner manual but the recommended time is somewhere between 50 000 and 160 000 km.

  • Ignition system inspection -- sometimes replacing parts in the ignition system or emissions system is needed and recommended during an engine tune up.
  • Fuel and air filter replacement -- regularly changing these will also ensure that your engine is running optimally!

If you’re looking for stress free auto repairs in Cambridge, Kitchener and the surrounding areas, stop by Xtreme Auto Repair for a professional and friendly service.

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