Electric & Electronic Diagnostics

Xtreme Auto Repair, your trusted professionals for Electric and Electronic Diagnostics in Cambridge

Today, cars are more complex than ever as the different parts of a car are integrated and synchronized with one another in drastically different ways. Did you know that separate components can fail or cause an electrical issue affecting various other components within the system?

This is the very reason why an electronic and electrical diagnostic repairs in Cambridge must be carried out carefully, strategically and with the utmost care.

At Xtreme Auto Repair, our dedicated team of service professionals in Cambridge are continuously training and investing in the latest technology and equipment to address these specific types of issues.

You can count on our shop to provide concise, technical expertise  in order to diagnose any electrical or electronic issue your vehicle may have.

What you need to know

If you suspect a problem, have an inspection immediately -- Since the foundation of a car operations is its electrical and electronic systems, you really need to have those aspects of your car working well while driving.

Think of it like this: similar to human motor system that relies on the central nervous system for movement. It signals the motor nerves to conduct impulses to muscles, organs, glands and information on what’s happening to tissues throughout the body.

Your car’s functions act accordingly with you as the main operator of the entire system and the electronics acting as the signal impulses. Without you and a properly functioning control centre, your car would not be moving, now would it?

What we offer

Simply put, we offer free preliminary system scan in order to guide you towards a correct and informed estimate cost.

We inspect many components of your car’s electrical system during this scan including:

  • Its multiple computers
  • Turn signals
  • Power windows
  • Door locks
  • Headlights
  • Seats
  • Mirrors

… and more.

We invest a lot of time into training our staff as well as having up to date technology to tackle all issues that come our way during diagnostic electrical and electronic diagnostics in Cambridge.

This includes offering a specialized service for electrical and electronic diagnostics on ALL makes and models.

Finally, we also provide car diagnostic testing and repair on:

  • Gas and diesel engines
  • Common rail diesels or direct injection
  • Safety systems including airbags
  • ABS systems
  • Transmission Systems
  • Air Suspension
  • Electric power steering or hybrid vehicles

Keep your vehicle running at optimum level of safety and reliability and prevent many problems by bringing your car in for a diagnostic at Xtreme Auto Repair!

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