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Xtreme Auto Repair, your trusted professionals for brake services in Cambridge.

When it comes to your brakes, you just can’t afford to have them working any less than optimally. Your brakes are your lifeline -- they ensure that you can come to a full stop immediately if something unexpected comes up on the road. Not only that, they are huge component of your car’s safety.

If your brakes seem a little off, it’s only going to get worse from there, so it’s best not to wait it out! Here are some signs that you should look for to know when you need brake services in Cambridge.

Signs to look for

Your brake light -- the brake light is similar to your check engine light. It is there to warn you if something is wrong with any of the components related to your brake system. Some reasons why your brake light may be on include:

  • Your brake fluid is low or there’s a leak
  • Your brake is stuck (not fully released)
  • Your ABS system isn’t functioning properly

Odd sounds -- if you’re hearing any type of noise when you’re braking then you should have that checked immediately. Squeaking, screeching, grinding… these are all signs that you may need brake services in Cambridge.

Physical sensations -- pulling, vibrating and shaking when using your brakes is another sign that your brakes need some attention.

Pedal problems -- brake pedal problems such as resistance, or a sinking pedal are also signs that your may need to come into Xtreme Auto Repair for brake services in Cambridge.

What we offer

Xtreme Auto Repair offers brake service packages starting as low as $199.99 per front or rear brake service. This also includes a  LIFETIME warranty on pads or shoes for your car.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us or visit Xtreme Auto Repair today!

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